About Hersh

I've been in the cabinet business for over 35 years making quality cabinets in the Sacramento area. I've also built many designer homes with custom designs throughout.

I take pride in the artistic form behind cabinetry and construction projects that awe my customers. By never compromises on quality for price I build only with the highest standards. Every detail of my work shows my love for the craft.

Cabinet History

My dad, Hersh II  founded Hersh and Son Customer Cabinets in 1959 in Southern California and has built high-quality cabinets ever since. I work with clientele building high-quality products that never sacrifice quality for the price.

Herschel Leffler II moved Sacramento, California in 1964 bringing his small one-man cabinet shop with him. Since then, I've worked with my dad and took over the cabinet shop to built a client base who desires quality cabinets made with the finest materials.

Only the highest quality craftsmanship goes into building beautiful custom cabinets with materials you won't find in many other cabinets today. The quality of the workmanship is visible in every detail of the work, from the artistic designs of the cabinets to the finished products installed in your home or business.

Construction History

Herschel Leffler III has been exposed to the construction business his entire life. Being in the cabinet business has brought him into working with many contractors on their jobs.

In 1988 Herschel began building his first custom home. Unlike tract homes, Herschel desired a quality home that was not built around the cheapest price, but rather high quality construction and materials.

Today Hershel has completed many construction projects including many in upscale Sacramento area neighborhoods. His skills are highly desired by those with discerning tastes of quality and craftsmanship.

Let's Talk About Your Project

If you're ready for custom kitchen cabinets or a remodel that will last a lifetime, let's talk.

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